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 State of Illinois, IL. Dept. Professional Regulation Lic. # 102-000232

Illinois State Police Licensed
Illinois Concealed Carry License Curriculum
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Concealed Carry Permit Courses

For Illinois Residents


Fidelity Academy CCW Classes - Courtesy of WTTW Channel 11

Registration for Illinois Concealed Carry Permit Classes now OPEN!


What About The Chicago Firearm Permit Program?

 The Chicago Police Gun Registration Section has informed us that they will no longer process Chicago Firearm Permits or renewals for any firearms.



 General Information...

     Our training academy provides training to Illinois residents who wish to obtain an Illinois Concealed Carry License. Fidelity Academy has been training private security officers, private investigators and police officers in firearms maintenance, safe ownership and use, since July 2000. We are pleased to be able to now provide the Illinois Concealed Carry License Course to you.

     Many new "training schools" have popped up to take advantage of the need for concealed carry training. When making your choice, select a training facility with many years of training experience and a proven track record, and not a group that is "here today, gone tomorrow".



Our Courses...

     We provide a one day and two day program for obtaining an Illinois concealed carry permit.

     Our certified firearms instructors are recognized by the Illinois State Police, and authorized to teach the Illinois Concealed Carry Permit Course. All of our firearms instructors are certified NRA  Firearms Instructors, and are recognized and approved Firearms Instructors from the states issuing the concealed carry permit.



Our Class Schedule...

     We hold the Illinois Concealed Carry Permit Courses at our main campus location in Chicago, Illinois.


Registering For Class...

     Register for class now and reserve your seat, click on the link , "Register For Class". You will be taken to our course registration section, where you can register online, pay and reserve your seat for that class session. 

   Although walk-ins are allowed with prior notice, please understand that walk-in attendees are not guaranteed a seat in class. It is highly recommended that you register for class prior to the date of class to ensure being seated. Students having registered before class always take precedence over walk-in attendees.

Questions? Call Us At: (224) 678-0311




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