Concealed Carry Permit Courses in Illinois

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About Us...  And Our Instructors…


     Anyone applying to be an instructor with our academy must meet our demanding standards. Prospective instructors must demonstrate solid experience teaching the subjects they specialize in. They must be proficient in the areas of study that they propose to teach, and they must posses teaching credentials recognized by their peers in those fields.

     Our instructors posses these qualifications, and also posses Police and Law Enforcement certifications in the areas of study in which they instruct. Professionals that bring real-life knowledge into the classroom, the students will greatly benefit from these instructors. Knowledgeable in both public and private law enforcement, our instructors are what make our academy unique.





 Instructor’s Responsibilities

     All of our instructors are committed to the complete and in-depth instruction of every student, in every course. No instructor will ever certify a student as having successfully completed a course of instruction, when that student clearly has not. Our instructors are committed to providing instruction that is fair, complete, detailed, well-researched and engaging. Every instructor will answer questions, and will help every student to be successful. For us, the mark of a successful instructor, is successful students, and as an academy, our success is marked by your success.

     Every instructor will treat every student in a professional and respectful manner. Each instructor will be committed to the success of each and every student in their class. There will be no preferential treatment, and every student will have equal access to their instructor, as determined within the constraints of the particular class.


Don't Be Fooled!

     There are many individuals working in firearms training, that claim to posses credentials as instructors. At Fidelity, we thoroughly screen prospective instructors, investigate their credentials and verify that they have the required certifications. In other words, we do the hard work, so you don't have to. You don't ever have to wonder if our instructors are certified to provide the course they teach. They have the experience, the background and the training - and can prove it!

     Our secret really is no secret. Our instructors undergo training side-by-side in the same instructor courses that police instructors go through. As a result, our instructors posses certifications by local, state and national law enforcement training organizations.